37w+4d, another non-stress test completed and passed, and another doctor with different opinions seen. As you can see, I did opt to go to this appointment despite the stress of last week’s non-stress test (is that irony? I’m bad at irony, but this feels ironic). This doctor, let’s call her Dr. Z, actually has a diabetic husband and seems much more sympathetic to a pregnancy affected by gestational diabetes. She didn’t care about the calzone, she didn’t care that a couple of my fastings creeped up to or just over 100, or that I had a cheeseburger with my husband for Valentine’s Day. In fact, she had the opposite opinion about inducing than the doctor I saw for the last two weeks. She doesn’t believe in rushing it unless there is a direct threat to the baby, like blood sugar I can no longer control with diet, or falling heart rate, or pre-eclampsia symptoms. That makes me feel a LOT better, and a lot more relaxed. She said there was no point in inducing the baby if my cervix wasn’t ready, and that most women by 39 weeks are just done being pregnant so that’s why they usually move forward. She said she was willing to continue monitoring Aurora, and if 39 weeks hits and it’s still “not time”, then we can keep waiting.

However, next week I see another doctor (I’ve seen 5 total since beginning this journey), and he could have a third totally different opinion than the two I have seen during the high risk monitoring. I might ask Jake to go with me for week 38 non-stress testing just so I have some backup. My¬†experience is this is a more aggressive doctor when it comes to medical opinion and having things done their way.

16 days left until my due date!

Back in the hot seat for the non-stress test!