23 weeks pregnant isn’t too late to get to recording the whole experience, is it?

We conceived our little Aurora-to-be on or around June 11, 2016, which just so happened to be our wedding day. We were ready. I’ve had baby fever pretty much since I started talking to Jake back in December 2014, and the clock has been ticking pretty loudly as well, since I’m not in my 20s anymore. Jake is already a wonderful father to two children, who I absolutely adore, so I knew he was the right one to make an even bigger family with. I can elaborate more on how in love I am and on being a bonus parent later, that almost needs its own blog.

Jake has wanted to name a baby Aurora pretty much forever, and I was hesitant about it because it didn’t flow off of my tongue and has a billion syllables. I had a whole list: Charlotte, Margot, Arya, but when I saw her on the ultrasound and she no longer looked like a gummy bear with a tail, Aurora just felt right. I still have a few months to change my mind, but right now it’s really what we both want.

The first trimester was weird. I could probably list dozens of more adjectives, but weird is the most succinctly I can put it. I wanted to be touched, but didn’t. I cried plenty and often. Weeks 4 through about 7 were not very fun, mostly emotionally. I am blessed with an iron gut, and the nausea of morning sickness never amounted to anything but just a general malaise that I could quell with large stacks of flapjacks and bacon. I may be one of the few women who actually gained weight in the first trimester because I was more motivated to eat than normal to make the nausea go away. Jake and I enjoy telling people how much I could pack away even while groaning that I didn’t feel well at the breakfast table.

I’m only 5 weeks from the third trimester and only 17 weeks to go total, which is crazy to think about! This trimester has been pretty sleepy, aside from an awesome ultrasound appointment where we found out we were expecting a girl. I first felt the baby moving about a week ago, and she has kept me updated on her antics with kicks and bumps. Everything else is pretty uneventful, aside from the growing bump, the inflating weight, and this round ligament that I’m surprised isn’t the #1 thing pregnant women talk about because it is the actual worst. My third trimester is supposed to bring out the whiniest in me, so I’m sure my round ligament will get overshadowed by some other painful drama queen.

This seems like a good summary for my first post, and I look forward to elaborating more, ranting some, and seeing where this new life takes me.

Aurora @ 20 Weeks