35weeks+2 – less than 5 weeks to go, and technically we will be full term in less than 2 weeks!

I went to a neighbor’s baby shower last¬†weekend. She’s due a bit after I am and our husbands work together, so I awkwardly ventured out with a small cloth diaper and soft bamboo swaddle blanket gift. It made me a little more grateful and less anxious for the shower that is being thrown for me this weekend. It will just be a handful of the wives that work in my husband’s detachment, there will be food I can actually eat, and it should be a lot more laid back. I appreciate more intimate gatherings and don’t need a large crowd to feel like the occasion was celebrated appropriately, and that’s been true since I can remember my mother throwing birthday parties.

Jake joined me for the ultrasound this week and I always love having him there. I already know he is a good dad, I see him with his older kids, but soon I’ll get to see him with a newborn and I am so excited for that part of our journey. The baby only appeared to have gained 2 ounces in the last week, which hopefully will leave the physician with less to make me¬†feel terrified over at my appointment on Thursday. I was prescribed metformin for my gestational diabetes fasting blood sugar numbers and I have been a very bad patient. I have taken exactly zero of the pills. It’s a hard thing to juggle: taking the pill scares me because of what it might do to the baby, and not taking the pill scares me because of what it might do to the baby. Either way, on Thursday I’ll be in trouble with the doctor.

I’m pretty proud of myself for updating so recently to my last post! Nothing major to talk about, just routine. Next week should have a baby shower report, another picture from my next weekly ultrasound, and hopefully no mention of induction from my doctor yet.

The weekly shot of Aurora. If it looks like a Rorschach test, I understand. This is her profile, facing left, eyes closed.